Bombardier hired CGRendering to create some photorealistic 3D renderings of their new commercial aircraft that was not yet built. Their goal was to show off the new CSeries plane at the Paris Air Show before one was ever built.

Bombardier sent us all of the engineering files that make up the plane. The challenge was to make sure that every detail of the plane, both exterior and interior, were captured in the renderings – they had to be completely photorealistic.


The first step was to convert the model into a polygonal format that we could use in our software for visualization. The original model was gigs of data. We had to import part by part. A lot of parts of the models were not imported correctly so we spent a lot of time modeling from images and direction from Bombardier.


After approval of the main model we started work on the shading, lighting and environment. Additionally we used photos from the London tarmac to create real surroundings. We created both daytime and nighttime renderings to show off the lighting of the cabin and cockpit.


Next step was to create a photorealistic 3D animation of the plane. We worked with the client to create the storyboard that highlighted all the different features of the aircraft. After a few revisions with the client, we finalized the animation with voiceover and complimenting graphics. Final result you can see there.


The final renderings and animation were so real that aircraft buyers at the air show asked the Bombardier representatives why they didn’t bring the plane to the show they thought it was already built.


Now, years later…airlines that buy the CSeries aircraft hire us to add their livery to the plane for their digital marketing needs.


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